Web Resources:

CBS News Disaster Links

Best of the Web - Links to Natural Disasters and Hazards

Yahoo! Disasters

Guardian Natural Disasters

Library of Congress - Chronicling America (Historic Newspapers 1836-1922)

The Library of Congress Digital Collection

photographs, manuscripts, maps, sound recordings, motion pictures, and books

ReliefWeb: Natural Disasters

Nova: Hurricanes

NOAA Hurricanes

National Geographic: Forces of Nature\

PBS: Hurricane of 1938

National Hurricane Center

FEMA: Disaster Informatio

BBC: Natural Disasters

How Big Really - Dimensions - Environmental Disasters

This BBC site takes important environmental disasters and overlays them onto

a map of where you are. Just enter your zipcod

First Gov: Disasters and Emergencie

PBS: Savage Earth

The Johnstown Flood National Park

The Lost City! A nineteenth century online book describing the Chicago fire.

Museum of the City of San Francisco City site contains information on the 1906 earthquake.

Jack London's Eyewitness Account of the San Francisco Earthquake

Jack London's description written as a newspaper correspondent.

The American Experience: Influenza! PBS program site.

Jonestown and the Peoples Temple Mass Suicide

Awesome Stories

(a website with links to primary source documents related to disasters)

  1. America Attacked: 9/11

  2. Black Death

  3. Challenger Disaster

  4. Columbia Space Shuttle Explosion

  5. Fatal Voyage: The Titanic

  6. Deepwater Horizon: Disaster in the Gulf

  7. Galveston and the Great Storm of 1900

  8. Great Fire of 1871

  9. Great Hunger: Irish Potato Famine

  10. Hindenburg

  11. Lusitania Sinking

  12. Pompeii

  13. San Francisco Earthquake of 1906

  14. Spanish Flu Pandemic

  15. Tenerife: Deadliest Air Accident

  16. Wilhelm Gustloff: Deadliest Shipwreck


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